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Visiting UNC with Kids and Experiencing the Morehead Planetarium

By Meg Brunson

On our journey through North Carolina, I discovered that the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill's campus has a planetarium that was not only open to the public, but happened to be showing a kid-friendly Magic Treehouse film. I knew we had to attend.

Parking was a little tricky as we attempted to navigate the college town and traffic, but everyone we spoke to was happy to help guide us on our way, and in the end it wasn't too bad. Now that we know where we're going, returning would be easy peasy!

The show we saw was great and was able to appeal to each of my four kids ages 4 - 11, no small feat!  It was in the universe of the Magic Treehouse, a universe where a brother and sister are whisked into the worlds of books thanks to their contacts in the court of Camelot - Morgan le Fay and Merlin.  In this adventure, the siblings were tasked to learn about space armed with a list of questions left by a mysterious character known only as “M.” Our 4-year-old couldn’t stop talking about getting ‘spaghetti-fied’ by a black hole for days afterwards; it definitely stuck with her.

After our show, one of the clerks in the planetarium gift shop helped us figure out what else we needed to see while we were on campus. There was a hallway downstairs where we were able to see the beginnings of the museum exhibit (the bulk of which was under construction), and a short walk away was the North Carolina Botanical Gardens. We enjoyed taking a walk through the gardens - looking at some unfamiliar foliage, and also seeing some very familiar cacti from back home in Arizona!

 We also took a walk through the picturesque campus of UNC - Chapel Hill, so that we could visit the gift shop before heading home. The kids enjoyed seeing a life-sized bobble head of the UNC mascot, and we loved the campus experience!


The Morehead Planetarium was a great excuse to visit the UNC campus and we loved the science lesson and entertainment - learn more about the Morehead Planetarium and start planning your visit today! 

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